love food, love slim-be

Slim-Be is a way of losing weight that starts with a passion for food. Our chef (he’s too shy to let us tell you his name) loves eating and used his knowledge of food and nutrition to find a way to let him enjoy eating without putting on weight. That’s why he started developing the konjac recipe which created these shots.

He also put in natural flavour because it tastes better.

how konjac helps with weight loss

Konjac is a natural root from South East Asia where it’s believed to have all kinds of health benefits. Here’s the important one for us: taken with lots to drink, konjac is proven to help you feel fuller so you don’t need to eat as much. Though it has almost no calories, it satisfies your hunger because it contains a special fibre called glucomannan which expands with water to fill the stomach.

Our chef spent years perfecting our own secret konjac recipe which works brilliantly in Slim-Be bars and shots. For weight loss, you need to eat at least three Slim-Be products every day and drink around two litres of fluid a day.*

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